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Grassroots Listening & Learning Tour

The opportunity to represent the 31,000 people who live in Princeton is an honor and a challenge that must be met with purpose, and with the seriousness of the impact of the decisions that will be made as our town grows into, if we are honest, an uncertain future.  Our nation is splintered because too many of us are silent, and our town is not all that it can be because not enough of us who do care, exhibit that care in ways that work and produce needed change in critical areas.

I want to know more, to be better, more accountable, and more representative of all Princetonians. My goal is to leverage our vast resources and intellect to help Princeton become a template for the town or small city of the future.  A town that is equitable for all and is colorful in both the faces of the people who live here as well as in their attitudes towards one another.  A place where all levels of income are represented and where people who work here can afford to live here and remain here throughout retirement. 


McMansions are reframing neighborhood streetscapes and causing severe property tax increases for many currently struggling to keep up.  There are other important issues like our seniors, social services, the environment, and public safety.  And I do not want to forget education, music, and the arts, as they can craft a welcoming feeling for our entire town.  Smart growth will be a long and winding path and navigation will be critical.

I don’t have the answers to all these questions and queries.  What I do believe is the best approach is to engage in conversation with the people who live here.  The Grassroots Listening and Learning Tour will be my best effort to connect with you and find out what's important in your neighborhood or for your business.

Neighborhood by Neighborhood

Bring some friends and let's walk and talk

I want to understand your neighborhood, your concerns, and what Princeton means to you. To make this learning process as inclusive and safe as possible, I am embarking on a grassroots listening and learning walking tour. I have received both of my COVID shots and will practice social distancing.


I'll be visiting neighborhoods in each of Princeton's 22 voting districts. The schedule for my neighborhood visits can be found here.

Business by Business

I'll be there to see you and shop locally

Over the summer months, I will also spend a few hours at local businesses each week. I'll park myself outside so you can stop by and talk to me as you shop and run errands. The schedule for my business visits will be posted soon. Check back as the weather warms up!

Virtually from Home

Zoom works too!

If there is a better time to talk with you or you would prefer a virtual meeting over Zoom, that's an option too. Please email me at to set up a Zoom meeting. Bring some neighbors and friends, let's make it a fun afternoon or evening!

“If you want to go quickly - go alone.

If you want to go far - go together.”


- African Proverb

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