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Newlin For Princeton Council

I will work for you and make a positive difference for all.

Open letter to My Democratic Colleagues and Friends:

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Princeton Town Council. I believe in making a positive difference in my community and this belief has been a guiding principle for my life. I have demonstrated this belief and commitment to Princeton over the past two decades in the treasured Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood where I currently live and where I grew up. I have advocated for more focus on equity and inclusion at the town level and within the public schools.

To me, a well-functioning government fosters an environment of inclusion and comfort for all of its citizens. It both protects people by providing human services as well as works with its residents to enrich the structure and the foundation that helps them live better and more meaningful lives.

I believe in the principles upon which our country was founded, and I profoundly understand that some of these principles have yet to be enjoyed by all members of our society. Racism in America chokes our very existence, threatens our democracy, and makes opportunity, happiness and peace elusive for far too many. My focus as a member of Council will be to help guide Princeton toward becoming a more fair and equitable community for all those who live here and for all who visit.

I will approach the responsibility of public service with the dedication that it deserves. I will be honest and thoughtful. I will work with others to create best practices, which foster best outcomes and good governance. I recognize that in order to fully understand the details of policies, programs, processes, and other municipal actions, I will need to become a student of local government. I am already dedicating myself to this effort and approach this learning with purpose and joy.

I will govern with the understanding that equity and social justice are essential elements of a fair society. Affordable Housing will bring additional people into our community and allow residents to remain here throughout retirement. In filling new affordable housing units, it is my belief that we can leverage this opportunity to make Princeton more diverse, more inclusive, and more welcoming and I will work toward this goal.

I will work to ensure that every opportunity that arises in Princeton is available to all Princeton residents. Each day, I will ask myself: “Is it good for people, and does it make sense”? Equity and accountability will guide my actions and decisions. As Princeton grows towards its future, our task regarding smart growth and decisions should be made through a wide-angle lens which allows focus on these two pillars of democracy. I will work with the other members of Council to ensure that these important questions and values are present in discussions and decisions.

I welcome the opportunity to talk with and to hear from you. Your suggestions, comments, concerns are important to me as are any issues or questions that you may have. I am not just asking for your vote, I am asking for your active involvement and your prayers.

Peace and blessings,

Leighton Newlin



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