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Neighborhood by Neighborhood Walking Tour

D7 Yvette @ Wawa.jpeg

District 7

June 4

District 7 is home to most of Princeton University's campus as well as Lake Carnegie and McCarter Theater

West, Alexander, College, University Place, Elm 

D4 Katie's Pond.heic

District 4

June 3

District 4 is Princeton's largest voting district in terms of square footage and is home to Beden's Brook tributary, more of the Stony Brook tributary, as well as Princeton Academy

Bouvant, Ridgeview, The Preserve, Petit Place, Drakes Corner, Heather, Coniston, Windermere, Cradlerock, Pheasant Hill

D15 Dodds & Bertrand.HEIC

District 15

June 2

District 15 borders Middlesex County and South Brunswick

Gulick, Marion, Dodds, Terhune, Bertrand

D5 Mountain Lake2.heic

District 5

June 1

Beautiful Billie Johnson Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve is nestled in District 5

Westcott, Wilson, Westerly, Glen, Quarry, Henderson, Coventry, Hardy, Stuart

Griggs Farm with Charles.jpeg

District 22

May 28

District 22 borders Montgomery Township and is home to Griggs Farm

Griggs Farm, Arreton, Stonewall, Crest View, Montadale

D13 Wendy.JPG

District 13

May 27

District 13 is home to the beloved Princeton Shopping Center

Hamilton, Erdman, Franklin, Dorann, Clearview, Grover, Linwood, Leabrook, Monroe, Randall, Meadowbrook

D16 LB.jpeg

District 16

May 26

District 16 is home to Littlebrook Elementary School and a delightful giraffe named Ravioli

Wheatsheaf, Locust, White Pine, Random, Wittmer, Clover, Magnolia, Broadripple

D12 Hoagie Haven with Scott.jpeg

District 12

May 25

The District 12 area is also known as the 'Tree Streets' and is home to Maggie's Playground, St. Paul's Cathedral, and many favorite restaurants and sandwich shops

Moran, Chestnut, Pine, Spruce Street & Circle, Maple, Queenston, Evelyn

D14 with Madison & Samantha.jpeg

Districts 14 & 19

May 24

District 14 is home to the Herrontown Woods, while District 19 borders beautiful Carnegie Lake

Thanet, Municipal, All Saints, Journey's End, Princeton Community Village, Autumn Hill, Herrontown, Poor Farm, McCosh MacLean, Lake, Philip, Harrison, King, Halsey

D11 Bully at school.heic

District 11

May 20

Home to Princeton's middle school and high school

Franklin, Hawthorne, Houghton, Henry, Guyot, Hickory, Oakland, Linden, Ewing

D20 Hilltop Skate Park.heic

District 20

May 19

Home to Hilltop Park where kids can skate, play basketball, baseball or soccer, or use the playground

Mt. Lucas, Andrews, Foulet, Laurel, Redding, Ross Stevens, Campbell Woods, Dogwood

D10 Madison & Park.heic

District 10

May 18

Home to Palmer Square and many restaurants and shops

Bank, Chamber, Greenholme, Palmer Square, Hullfish, Tulane, Vandeventer, Madison

D6 Einstein.jpg

District 6

May 14

Albert Einstein's former home is nestled in District 6 not far from Marquand Park

Edwards, College, Lovers, Hibben, Edgehill, Boudinot, Hodge, Allison, Armour

D9 Paul Robeson.jpeg

District 9

May 13

Home to Leighton and the beloved Witherspoon Jackson Neighborhood

Merwick Stanworth, Green, Quarry, Maclean, Lytle, Clay, Leigh, Birch, Race

D8 Scotia.heic

District 8

May 11

Home to Jadwin Gym and Princeton Stadium

William, Olden, Murray, Patton, Ivy, Roper, Broadmead, Western, Fitzrandolph, Western, Lake

D18 Leighton & Bully at Lutheran Church.

District 18

May 10

Home to the Jewish Center of Princeton and right next door to Riverside Elementary School

Southern, Balsam, Forester, Robert, Sturges, Wilton, Markham

D17 Riverside School.jpeg

District 17

May 7

Home to Riverside Elementary School

Howe, Hemlock, Philip, Woodside, Mason, Vernon, Adams, Carnegie, Evergreen, Castle Howard, Princeton William, Prospect

D2 Leighton & Rick at JP.HEIC

Districts 2 & 3

May 6

Home to the Stony Brook Tributary, Jasna Polana estate, and The Hun School of Princeton

Edgerstoune, Farrand, Constitution Hill, Winfield, North, Greenway, Fairway, Lambert, Audubon, Ettl Farm, Brooks Bend

D21 Dempsey.jpeg

District 21

May 5

Walking distance to the Princeton Shopping Center

Turner, Terhune, Dempsey, Cuyler, Loomis, Hillside

D1 Parkside SAH.jpg

District 1

May 4

Home to Princeton Battlefield State Park and The Institute for Advanced Study

The Institute for Advanced Study, Greenhouse & Parkside, Gallup & Hutchinson

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