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“Grassroots Son” Leighton Newlin Will Be a Council Representative for All Princeton

To the Editor:

Born, raised, and educated in Princeton are just some of the many reasons for giving positive consideration to a candidate who is prepared and ready to serve his town. Leighton Newlin is a member of a family who has, for generations, dedicated themselves to service to Princeton.

Just what does Leighton consider important and necessary for occupying a seat on town Council and working to improve Princeton? In addition to his Princeton upbringing, there is education. After graduating from Princeton High School, Leighton attended and graduated from Lincoln University. Lincoln is the first degree-granting university of what has become many Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). After graduation, Leighton used the knowledge obtained from college and the entrepreneurial skills learned from his uncle, Mr. George “Lonnie” Barclay, to start a successful hat and accessory business, From the Neck Up, in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

There is the compassion for the lives and stability of the town residents. Leighton has been giving back to his hometown through his advocacy for residents who sought equality in housing. As board chair for the Princeton Housing Authority for 19 of his 24 years on the board, Leighton has made a fair and caring decision to assist all residents who seek affordable and equitable housing.

To address the needs of all residents in the Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood, Leighton continued the legacy of Mr. James Floyd as co-chair of the Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood Association. His tireless effort to see that all residents’ voices and concerns are heard and addressed have contributed to a diverse community whose service and pride have elevated an historic neighborhood.

Serving for community development is one component of serving on Council. Leighton was one of eight residents who met weekly to deliberate, discuss, welcome advice from town Council, and listen to concerns of neighbors to establish the Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood as the 20th Historic District in Princeton. As one who believes in preserving and sharing the rich history of a people, Leighton is a contributing and proud trustee of the Witherspoon-Jackson Historical and Cultural Society.

I have witnessed the many times that Leighton has appeared before Princeton Council to advocate for issues, individuals, and the community at large. He is passionate when it comes to recognizing and addressing the needs of Princeton’s residents.

Many of our Princeton residents see Leighton walking throughout Princeton on most mornings. Each day he sees the beauty, history, sustainability, and promise of his town and he is ready to join others on Princeton Council to listen, support, initiate, and work to make legislative decisions that promote equity, access, social justice, and accountability. He will hit the ground running. Best of all he will walk with you, literally, to discuss issues you believe to be important.

Princeton’s “Grassroots Son” will truly be a Council representative for all Princeton citizens. Please join me to vote for and support Leighton Newlin to Princeton Council.

Shirley A. Satterfield Quarry Street


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